How To Design Your Own Home

We all have the picture of how our “Dream Home” would like. However when we go and search such a home it is difficult. So many time we hire professionals for designing our home but we do not end up being satisfied as the output does not match what we …

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Modern Rustic Style Decor

Modern Rustic Interior Design

The term Modern Rustic is an interior design concept that has use of rustic charm and historic installations along with overall modern amenities and modern room designs. Most of the people today would prefer going for a more modern or contemporary look. We personally love the modern feel too but …

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Hollywood Regency Interior Decor

Hollywood Regency Style is defined by Neo-classical lines, distinct patterns, glossy surfaces and an opulent glamour, worthy of the Silver Screen. It is the perfect way to bridge the modern and traditional styles with elegance and flair. This glitz and glamour style is not just for the rich and famous …

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Eclectic Style Interiors

Eclectic style is a combination of styles in order to design an environment which will have an artistic taste, specific connective element and a great look, all looking like one great design. Eclectic Interiors can rightly be defined as the selection of what is the best in various other styles. …

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Marvel Themed Interiors

marvel details

This unique project is designed by House Design, which is a Taiwan based interior design firm. The owner of the apartment wished to have a space where he could come back from work and relax and unwind. It looks rather industrial, bearing in mind the Marvel Themed Apartment which would …

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