Ideas For A Perfect Home Entrance

Home Entrance plays a pivotal role in creating that first impression for a visitor. A simple, elegant yet perfectly designed entrance can do such wonders. Obviously you cannot have a loud graphic or something too flashy on a home entrance. It has to be so Right to look at its…

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Tips & Ideas For Designing A Sunroom


The term sunroom refers to an area in the home with numerous windows oriented to receive maximum amount of sun. the classic example of a sunroom is a conservatory space made mostly of glass including the ceiling. Other versions of a sunroom include one-story rooms featuring plenty of windows, glass…

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Add Yellow To Your Homes

Is yellow your favorite colour? Don’t know? Have you ever thought of trying yellow interior in your home? After reading our tips on “how to add yellow to your homes”, you are definitely going to fall in love with this colour. The easiest way to jazz up your home is…

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Tips To Add Purple In Your Homes

dining room

Colour psychology is very important when your designing your space. Colour is a great way of creating connections between spaces and those people living in it. Today at H2Designo we speak to you about Purple in your homes. Purple is a combination of calm blue and exciting red. Purple is…

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Perfect Bar Unit For Your Homes

We at H2Designo today teach you on how to set up a home bar unit. They key to the success is to make it look festive and appetizing. It should be inviting and multipurpose because it is going to be the center of attraction whenever you host all of your…

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10 Most Common Home Decorating Mistakes

uncomfortable furniture

We at H2Designo today guide you on the 10 most common home decorating mistakes everybody makes. These mistakes are made quite unknowingly, we thus give you tips on how to avoid them. It Looks Amazing But Not So Comfortable Piece Of Furniture Your browsing your market because you know that…

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Who in this world doesn’t quite desire a Walk-in-Wardrobe!? Very few indeed! A dream that works equally well for both the genders. Being a woman myself, it’s one of my favorite rooms in the entire house. A room just completely dedicated to my shoe collection, luxurious long dresses, branded hand…

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Tips To Design Your Home Library

Adding a library to your home gives a luxurious feel whether it is a small reading nook to simply unwind or a elaborate space especially to entertain guests and safeguard your collection of books. Do not just fill the shelves, arrange them, colour them, decorate them and personalize them. We…

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How To Design Your Kitchen

Kitchen is one space where you do not want to make any sort of compromise with regards to comfort, luxury, look and safety. Kitchen makeovers are an expensive affair so make sure you do it once but do it right. H2Designo presents to you a 10 step guide on how…

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